the brothers karamazov 2: orthodox boogaloo

Just finished that Dostoevsky biography. I wonder, if he had lived longer, would Alexander II have been assassinated? The youth accorded Dostoevsky so much respect that the proximity of those two men's deaths seems like no coincidence; perhaps Dostoevsky's essays and political writings had sustained the Russian Socialists' faith in dialogue. Deprived of their greatest critic, their ideas went unchallenged -- or without the challenge they felt their ideas deserved -- and they devoted their energies to action instead of conversation.

Dostoevsky's notes indicate that the sequel to The Brothers Karamazov would have been Children, and would have related the history of Alyosha's adult years putting Father Zosima's philosophies into action as a Christian and a Utopian Socialist. I wonder how, if Dostoevsky, who people of all social strata regarded literally as a prophet, had been allowed to model a socialism founded on Christian principles, the course of human history would have proceeded.

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